A bit of a pointless post on Apperance?

It’s strange but when I was in secondary school I could never understand why some of my friends wore make up everyday. It just seemed to me that make up should be more of a thing to wear when you’re going out on a special occasion, like a party, date, theatre etc. And yet now I couldn’t imagine going out without foundation on at least, and maybe a bit of blusher/mascara.

Actually now I’ve typed that even then thats not really a huge amount, I mean it seems it to me, but I have some friends who tend to wear eyeshadow/eyeliner almost every day too.

But it has occurred to me how you really do get influenced by your environment, and the people you spend time with. When I was at Keele, I didn’t really wear any make up, but then a lot of the people I hung out with either wore very minimal make up or none at all, and so I guess in some ways there isn’t a sort of pressure (albeit unconscious) of wanting to fit in. And yet when I came back to London for the summer, and particularly when I was working at John Lewis, you are surrounded much more, at work and on the Tube, by people who wake up and put their face on every day, and you start to feel like you should look as good. Hmm I don’t mean that to sound in a negative way or anything just not sure how else to phrase it.

But it is interesting to note that last year, during the summer (in london) I did start to make more of an effort to ‘look good’ and then when I went off to Canada, this sort of died off after a while.

Hmm I started writing this last night and even at the time i felt that using the term ‘looking good’ was NOT the term I wanted to use, as I really don’t want it to seem like I’m saying that the people who aren’t wearing make up don’t look good. Perhaps a better choice of phrase would be ‘dressing up’? However as it’s taken me a day to think on this I think I’ve sorta lost the plot of my little waffle.

I think it was essentially to point out that its quite interesting that now I’m living in London I spend more time preening and making sure I’m somewhat ‘dressed up’ when going out, unlike when I was at Uni in Keele.



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4 responses to “A bit of a pointless post on Apperance?

  1. Robin

    What are you talking about, me and andy wore make up everyday at Keele!! πŸ˜›

  2. kaitharshayr

    Here I was thinking I’d delete this rather rubbish post, and then u go and make a funny comment. πŸ˜›

    You kept that secret well hidden then! πŸ˜€

  3. Robin

    It’s all about the application, thin powder bass and only a touch of mascara. Work’s wonders and no-one ever knows.

    Deleting posts is wrong, you have to leave all of them up, even the crap ones. πŸ˜›

  4. Ruanae

    Yup we kept that so well hidden we even kept it hidden from me. I do remember having a conversation with someone about how to apply makeup without it looking powedery, but I have no clue who that was with…

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