Super Speedy Service!

So now that I’m a student at a London University I can qualify for a Student Oyster card (Yay!) which will give me 30% off the cost of weekly/monthly travel cards. As Westminster has just it up so you can apply online for one i figured that would be easier and thus beat the queues. So I applied on Tuesday. I had a bit of aggro at first because for some reason in the section where you need to upload a photo for the card it specifies that it needs to be a certain aspect ration (1.29), which is such a bizarre thing to ask for! I’ve worked with images so I have a vauge idea HOW to modify this but still! So i messed around with my photo and got something that was a rather wide image. Unsurprisingly when I tried to upload it I was given the message that it was the wrong size.

Helpfully there is no other indicator as to what size the image is supposed to be. And so I had to phone the Oyster people. After about 5 minutes of automated messages of press 1 for this and press 2 for that I finally got through to a person. And explained that I couldn’t upload my picture for my student Oyster application, and that I’d set it to the aspect ratio it asked for and such. His response? “You’ll just have to guess.” ………

Unsurprisingly I snapped a little! And then the poor chap when off to get some help. A few minutes later he returns and says that I need to set the image to 200 by 240 pixels (which indecently gives you nothing near the aspect ratio asked for). I set my image to this size and bingo! It worked. I don’t understand why they couldn’t, like most places, just give you that information to start with!!! Crazy!!

Anyway I digress, the website told me that it would take about 2 weeks for me to get my card. As they have to check my student status with the university and then they have to issue the card. Fair enough i can deal with that.

What arrived in the post this morning only 3 days later?

Yup my student Oyster! Awesome! 😀 Cheap travel here I come, now to figure out if i want to just go and buy a 1 year travel card or just get one for a few months. Hmmmm….



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2 responses to “Super Speedy Service!

  1. Kristin

    Found your blog through Google – thanks for putting down all the specs, it saved me an aggravating call to Oyster customer services!

  2. kaitharshayr

    Ahh glad I could be of help! 🙂 I have likewise been telling people I know what size it needs to be.

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