So I’ve had Vista for over a month now and I thought maybe I should make some comments on it, sum up my feelings on it.

So why did I opt for Vista in the first place? Well I was buying a new machine and I thought ‘why not’. Initially when Vista came out I was rather iffy about it, but my feelings against it lessoned, especially as a lot of people said ‘Oh no not Vista its rubbish’ without any really good arguments, and I’d read a few blogs saying it wasn’t that bad. And thus i went with Vista.

(This is quite a long post so please click the link below to read the rest 🙂 )

Thoughts on Vista

My first thought when loading it up was that Vista is a seriously pretty OS. I have a friend who run’s his Vista in Classic mode, (and there are other reasons aside from visual that you might want to do this but I will come to that later) . Visually though I like the Vista look, unlike with XP where I hated the bright green start button and thus was one of the reasons I put that into Classic mode.

So why would you want to run Vista in Classic mode?

Navigation issues come to mind, if you open the control panel in Vista mode everything is named slightly different, so it takes a bit more getting used to. The Start menu also looks fairly different when you go to all programmes, instead of getting a new pop up next to the start menu it just opens it in the start menu (Ok thats hard to explain).

What else do I like? I like the fact that when I click on My Computer I get a visual representation there and then of how much space I have left on my harddrive, no more having to click on properties for that. I like the fact that I can have a list of favourite links in Explorer windows and so easily jump to folders I use a lot instead of having to navigate there. I especially like when you go to Start and have your shortcuts to Documents, Pictures and Music that I can edit the links to these INDIVIDUALLY. In XP you could change the link to Documents, but (as far as I’m aware) if you decided to put your music elsewere you could not change where your My Music shortcut in the start menu went to. In Vista however I can. 🙂

Things that irritate me about Vista

When you install a new programme you get a pop up that wants you to confirm whether you trust said programme. Now I can understand why they’ve put this there, it will in theory make you more aware of what you are installing. However generally you KNOW that you are trying to install this programme or that and so the pop up is a bit of a pain. Although to be honest it was only a big pain when I was initially setting up my PC will all the programmes I wanted. Now I don’t really need to install so much its not to bad. A friend of mine has said she turned this feature off, but she can’t remember how, so I don’t know how feasible it is.

Task Manager. I find it really annoying that when i press Ctrl+alt+del I get navigated away from my desktop, and get presented with a list of options (including switch users, log off, change password (..?!)) where I need to select the task manager. Ctrl+alt+del should be for bringing up the task manager NOT for giving me options to log off or change my freaking password. >_<

Stability. I have noticed a few programmes crashing more often, I’ve had iTunes crash once on me, and Audacity (the stable version 1.2.6 not the beta) crash a few times (annoyingly just as i’ve finished a recording and am about to save). As i’ve never really had these crash on me in XP I have to conclude that there may well be something in Vista that is the cause.

Amusingly enough I had Media Player crash on me the very first time I ran it. I was watching Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig, and realised that it was playing it in English, so I changed the language to Japanese and bang Media Player couldn’t cope. Media Player isn’t really my dvd player of choice, but my version of Power DVD is too old to run on Vista (*grumble*) so I will have to do something about that.

I also found one of Vista’s most major faults the other day. I was in the middle of watching a DVD, and Vista just dropped the DVD drive. I had to restart the machine for Vista to find the drive again. Talking with my friend he told me that Vista does do this at times, and that hopefully this will be something they fix in service pack 1 (fingers crossed as this is a rather major fault).

Lets see I think I’ve mentioned most things, oh except Vista’s Gadget’s tool bar. This has clearly been inspired from Apple’s Dashboard (?) and I can add things like a Gadet that tells me the weather where I am, a post it pad, currency converter, CPU meter.. etc etc. Its kind of useful although I do often forget its there.

So I think thats it, or at least all I have to say on Vista for now, for the most part it is a pretty good OS, they just need to iron a few major kinks out of it. 🙂 But then when you release software for the first time who doesn’t have kinks to iron out?


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